If we don’t like it, it never leaves the room. We want to make ads we can proudly show to our moms. Like Bob Ross, we trust our moves.


Diversity’s Decisive

“You play well for a girl” isn’t a compliment, and esports doesn’t only belong to a handful of privileged people. Our team comp, creative and partnership choices should reflect that. We’re on that Tracer-SJW hype; you can’t write “esports” without “everyone”.


Learn for a Living

Like Ryu says, “The path to becoming a true martial artist never ends.” Always learn, even if it takes you down seemingly irrelevant routes. Learn from mistakes, from others, from strangers, from kids, from the taxi you took at 4am.


Insightful ideas

Advertising is like comedy: If it hooks something inside you that you thought nobody knew, it’s probably good. So we’re always looking for that unexpressed insight whose universal time has come… But we’ll be gentler than a 2700 hp Pudge using Rod of Athos, promise.


Total Teamwork

Like the race of Protoss, we are bound by the Khala, united in every thought and emotion. Ok, that’s maybe a bit much. Let’s just say we share food and stick together.


Community Calls

Our communities are the most impartial judges. If they think it’s bad, it probably is—and if they think it’s good, they’ll make it successful. That’s why we pay attention to their habits and memes. They are always our biggest client.


Grassroots Global

At its best, gaming unites—but esports is different in whichever culture you’re in, be that Russia, Indonesia or Germany. That’s why it’s important to consider every country like a new community, one where we don’t know all the answers and must seek them with enthusiasm. Like the Rainbow compo, we know no boundaries.